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Leading Edge founder & CEO Richard Strout believed in providing technical information and "leading edge" answers for performance motorsport.

He also loved the BVI more than any other place on the planet.

Now that both are "gone" (at least in the way we knew them) -- he in 2015 and the BVI thanks to the double hurricanes of Sep 2017 -- Leading Edge is trying to do what he would have done -- provide technical support for the relief effort.

Specifically, we have a plan to load Leading Edge tools and mechanical supplies in a new 20' SeaBox container and ship them to Virgin Gorda. The container becomes a permanent, secure toolshed under trusted local management.

Richard originally developed this plan as a means of transporting Leading Edge Motorsport to the BVI as an adjunct to the BVI Technical College automotive program. It may become that someday when the rebuilding is done.

The schedule for the transport depends on when freight is moving by sea to Virgin Gorda again.

Until then the final budget is an estimate. But Leading Edge is donating the tools and the container.

If you'd like to assist, in honor of Richard or your own joyous memories of sailing/vacationing in the BVI, please click here.

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Welcome to Leading Edge Motorsport -- for brake and suspension super-tuning. We give the owners and drivers of performance cars - street and track - ways to enhance the braking, suspension and driver control systems which translate engine power and driver skills into on-road response.

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